[Suggestion][UI Change] Remove "Window Min/Max/Restore"

The Window->Min/Max/Restore menu is a waste of space and clogs the menu up. I recommend it be removed to simplify that menu. All this feature does is replicating the icons that already exist in every window. Since I don’t see it in the Mac version, there should be no reason to keep these menu selections.

One use case I can think of for keeping them is the (not so unusual) circumstance that the window is expanded beyond the current borders of the screen (laptop, hot dock, removed second screen and now the Scrivener window is redrawn on the default screen). With that menu, you can get to the Minimize/Maximize controls without seeing the controls – otherwise, you’re stuck. One of the reasons I hate modern Windows apps that don’t put Move into the taskbar right-click in Windows 10.

Sorry for the long delayed response. I’ve marked this as a Suggestion for us to look at. The Mac version does have Window > Minimize, Window > Zoom, and Window >Zoom to fit Screen, which fulfill the same functions.