[Suggestion] Window title bar colours

How do you get the title bar to match the theme colours? Mine is always white but on the new screenshots they match the theme.

For me it is grey when it is selected (due to my theme), but when I click on another window it is a very distracting white. Hopefully it’s fixed.

I was just going to start a post about this, so I’m glad to see other people have noticed as well.

I too am only seeing a white title bar in every theme. It’d be nice if the theme color was applied to the title bar as well. It’s a little distracting being on the dark theme and seeing a super bright white bar at the top.

I took some screenshots of paint-overs of what this currently look like, what it should look like (color applied to title bar), and I also tossed in a design idea to center the document title (like on the mac version) and the ability to hide the file menu bar to cut down of vertical space.

Not sure if this should be posted here or in a wishlist/feature thread, because it’s not really a bug. Anyway…