Suggestions 'dismissed' aren't remembered if doc is reopened

Go through the doc, click Dismiss for x number of suggestions.
Close doc.
Reopen the doc.

You have to do through all the items that were ‘Dismissed’ previously.

Suggestion: Dismiss for now – Dismiss permanently

What suggestions are you talking about?

Sorry, I used ‘suggestions’ twice referring to two different things.

  1. when I open a doc in Scrivner the program identifies things that may need improvement with an option to Dismiss. If you click dismiss and then close/reopen the doc the same items are again highlighted
  1. below is my suggestion for fixing that problem (why do I have to Dismiss the same items every time I open the doc)

Add two options: Dismiss for now – which would dismiss for the currently open document but would revert the next time the doc was opened

Dismiss Permanently – which would dismiss permanently so that the next time the doc is opened the Scrivner suggestions for improvement would not be highlighted.

Are you using a third party grammar checker? Scrivener itself has no ability to make this kind of suggestion.