Suggestions: Floating Comments & Quicklook support

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After having lost a substantial amount of work a few years ago on my old Commedore Amiga, I’m feel like taking up writing again.
Seeing the struggle my cousing has with Word while writing his book, I decided to try a new approach, and Scrivener seems very well up to the task.

However, since I rely on a geographical map of the world I’m building (Fantasy) very much, I seem to be switching back and forth to the finder a lot. I’m working in dual (horizontal) panes, and have locked the map in the top one, but the space is to small to keep the complete map. Now, tapping the spacebar to enlarge that map would help me very much. Would it be very hard to implement that?

Another feature that i seems to miss is a ‘floating comment’ as has word. The ‘ghost’ notes don’t stand out as much as I like to.

keep up the good work, & thank for considering!

Regarding “sticky style” annotation, the next version of Scrivener (no release date yet) will have the current style of annotation and also a new style which allows you to create notes in a floating note window just like you are requesting. The two types will be able to co-exist.

In the meantime, remember that Scrivener has full linking capability built in to it. You can select a range of text and press Cmd-L to create a new note. If you have the appropriate option selected in navigation preferences, this will automatically open a new split for you which you can start typing into immediately.

These will not be recognised as proper annotations in the compiler. They will simply disappear as links are not exportable. So if you need notes to be exported in a fashion which can be read in another application, you will want to stick with the annotation feature. You could drag the Notes folder (which is created automatically for you) into the Draft, but links will still be broken during compile.

Unlike certain members of Scrivener`s crew. :open_mouth:

Welcome aboard David :wink:
Take care

Great to hear that!

How about the quicklook support? It would rock to be able to preview files from the binder too :slight_smile:



I think Quicklook will only work in the Finder.
In the Binder, you get a quick look at each file as you click on it.
And you may edit, move, or copy that file; unlike the situation with Quicklook.
Maybe I don’t understand your point. That’s possible, too.

Yes, QuickLook won’t work in individual programs - the framework doesn’t allow for that, I’m afraid.
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ah ok. As there’s quicklook support in eg. Mail and Pathfinder, I assumed the technique would be publically available.

druid: I was especially looking for a way to quickly enlarge a picture (map) that’s showing in my top pane, as I wrote in my initial post. QL support in the binder would indeed be a bit silly :wink:


If it’s two text files you’re displaying, you may set one at a larger % and fix the view on that item. But I just tried displaying a map in .jpg format, and it seems to have only a 100% view. For pdf files, there’s the View: PDF Display command, but that may still not give the effect you’re seeking. I wonder if you can’t just show your map via Preview and use the Cmd-Tab keys to shift between programs. I assume you work on a smaller screen and can’t stagger the window views. Sorry I couldn’t help.

For images imported into Scrivener, just double-click on them to bring up the image panel, which allows scaling and rotation.
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