Suggestions for adding webpages

I’m finding that the ability add webpages to my Scrivener document is invaluable. What a great feature.

However, since I’m doing it so often, there are a couple of things I’d like to suggest.

  1. After selecting “Add a Web Page,” the sheet that appears to enter the URL already has “http://” entered in the field. Since I’m almost certainly going to paste a URL into this field, because I just copied it from my web browser, this pre-loaded text is an annoyance. (The clipboard already contains the “http://” prefix, in other words.) I’d be happier if the text weren’t already in the field, or if it were pre-selected so it gets overwritten automatically when I paste.

  2. The “title” field in the same sheet is required. I think this should either be optional (and default to “untitled” like documents do), or Scrivener should be smart enough to extract the from the webpage and use it, if no title were entered in the sheet. As it is, I end up typing “blah” and changing it later, or just paste again, putting the URL that’s already on my clipboard (see #1 above).

Hope you find this feedback useful.

The “http://” should be selected, so that as soon as you paste into it, it is replaced - is this not happening for you?


I see what you mean, it is sometimes pre-selected. But there are times when it is not. I’ll see if I can’t figure out what causes it to get into the state I’m describing.

Hi, Keith -

I’m finding that the “http://” is selected only for the first web page added. For subsequent pages, added during the same session, the cursor is set in the Title field, not the URL field. This helps create the awkward workflow I was complaining about earlier.

Thanks - that will be easy to put right.

Keith, while you are there, do you think you can make Zoom In and Zoom Out commands work for web pages?


Just a word to note that the contextual menu Zoom In and Zoom Out commands work for me for web page archives in scriv. So there must be some more particular circumstance involved, if you are having trouble with it. I wonder what it is.


[update:] P.S. Should mention that I find the menu and keyboard commands for these also work fine for me.

pbook g4 osx.4.9


May you try with any page from Wikipedia? I’m having problems there.


Actually I didn’t think zoom in and out worked with web pages in 1.03… Though it does in 1.04. :slight_smile:

Sorry kids, I was checking this out with pdfs, rather than web archives. :blush: Goes in and out like anything with pdfs! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, Greg, after your statement gave it for granted, Keith could no longer avoid implementing that feature. Well done! :slight_smile: