Suggestions for iPad?

I had a little search but didn’t see any topic addressing this just yet.

I know we’re all hanging out for Scrivener on the ipad/other tablets but what’s the best alternative in the meantime? I’ve just been using the built-in notepad app and it is… less than ideal.

It really depends on what you do, what kind of writing, etcetera. There is not a one size fits all. There are plenty of options though. If you want to sync your Scrivener project with Dropbox and keep working on the iPad, and then get back to work on the Mac seamlessly, the best options are Editorial, if you are OK with syncing in plain text, or Textilus, if you can’t live without rich text.

There are many alternatives in the plain text world, and all have some strengths and weaknesses. You could even use Ulysses on the iPad and not using it on the Mac (because you are using Scrivener). It’s a bit more convoluted. Or Write. Or 1Writer. Lots of good options. But I’d say Editorial and Textilus are pretty solid choices, if you don’t want to agonize on what to use and just work.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a mac.

I do use dropbox but as far as I know, no apps will open scriv files, is that right?

Basically, all I want is the ability to access everything I’ve written in Scriv (even if only the chapter content and none of the bells and whistles) and continue writing.

If I can’t any program that does simple things like bold, italics and center-text would be great - especially if it syncs with dropbox and exports in word doc/anything that keeps the formatting.