Suggestions for Meta Data labels

I’m interested in writing fiction, most likely in the fantasy realm. I am halfway through the tutorial and wish for a good structure before I enter all my ideas on rough sheets around the bedroom.

First question - what are good suggestions ‘you’ have used for the labels in the meta data area - mine is defaulted to ‘Label’ and ‘Status’ - the latter I appreciate and should include, but I’m eager to hear what others are using for monitoring their writing in this part of Scrivener.

Kind regards and Keith (or other moderators) please move this to the appropriate area of the forums it needs to be. Thanks.

My “label” is either “POV” or “Focus.” “Focus” means what I want to be especially careful of when I do the next edit. If I have “setting” then that means I should pay close attention that I use all the senses, etc. If I have tension or conflict, then these need to be raised/clarified and so on.


My “Label” is always “POV”, to colour every scene according to from who’s point of view it is told. Indispensable.

And “Status” remains “status”, but I change the values to more graphical symbols like “*” for “work on this”, “@” for “a problem here”, “√” for “first draft done” (I do no more than the first draft in Scrivener). I do so because it looks nicer when stamped across the index cards.