Suggestions for Name Generator

I can see it for poetry, or if you’re wanting to find a name that can be easily made into a palindrome. Anything where you’re writing as much for the sound of the writing as for the actual content.

Thanks, Al. That’s cool! That should be easy to remember if it’s consistent across the alphabet. Does it work with other letters too?

Yeah, there’s a drop down menu, you can pick whichever initial/terminal letter you like:

Thanks! That’s great news. Sometimes programmers take short-cuts and only put in the most popular features instead of taking the time to cover all eventualities. I’m glad to hear that’s not the case here.

What about the Last Names? Does the D = D, N = N principle apply there too?

Yeah, same thing for last names.

I take it the mac name generator doesn’t have that option?

Too bad they can’t just merge the two generators, I’d love to have that obscurity slider.

I also would love to see the two versions of the name generator merged. I’m very frustrated by the limited ethnic diversity of the Mac version.