Suggestions for Outliner mode (improvements)

Hi, I have two suggestions for improvement to Outliner mode.

  1. When switching between Outliner mode and other modes: when I return to Outliner mode, it is collapsed. I would like Scrivener to remember the last condition it was in; if expanded, return to that, or if collapsed, return to that. Sure, I can hit Alt-] and expand again, which I do, but it would preferable to have it just remember the way I had it when I left it.
  2. When I right-click on a document or folder in Outliner mode, I do not have the option to add to a Collection. So, my work-around is to select “Reveal in Binder”, then right click the document in Binder mode and select “Add->Collection” then use the back-arrow to return to Outliner of the entire Manuscript. I have over 100 documents in my project, so having the ability to add to a Collection while still in Outliner mode would be great.