suggestions for scrivener (gold)

i have not tried scrivener yet but i did spend a week of my vacation last week evaluating the following:

scrivener gold

and, less so,

jer’s novel writer

i LOVE scrivener gold and, from what little i’ve read, will not be switching to scrivener. (i just downloaded beta scrivener and shall try it on another mac laptop (a g4 ibook) so as not to endanger my SG on this powerbook)

some suggestions for SG (i understand you are not going to change it) or scrivener:

  1. allow a “save asâ€

Well, as you mentioned, SG is a finished application, so none of these will ever be applied there, but in Scrivener 1:

i1. allow a “save asâ€

Well, I think AmberV answered this one better than I could. All development is geared towards Scrivener, so Scrivener Gold won’t be getting any updates in the foreseeable future, possibly ever. I do urge you to at least try the Scrivener 1.0 beta. Nearly everything from SG is in there, and more besides. Not sure why you say that from what you read you wouldn’t want to swap - maybe because of early discussions where lots of strange ideas about what would and wouldn’t go in? I think (hope) that if you try it, you will prefer it to SG…

"richratzan wrote:
i1. allow a “save asâ€

Right. It is simply a tool for “versioning.” It is not really designed for parallel document editing. Duplicate is precisely what you’ll want for that. Snapshot is for when you are about to make a major edit, and want to keep the existing copy for safety, or good old OCD archival cough :slight_smile:

Ah, yes. I understand now. That is a simple matter with S1. In the export dialogue, you have the option of exporting various elements for each document. You can choose to exclude the base text entirely, and just export the notes and titles of each document, if you wish—or combine them—whatever.

And yes, all of the jargon I was talking about in the lower part are S1 features.

But it is my pleasure!