Suggestions on capitalization

Hi Keith,

I love that Scrivener has the auto-capitalization feature. It’s very helpful.

But I’ve run into some issues in using it, and I hope you’ll consider these suggestions for v2.0:

“…and” becomes “…And”
can we have:
“…and” stays as such, then
“… and” becomes "… And"?

“something, i.e.” becomes “something, I.e.”
can we have:
“something, i.e.” stays as such, or let "i.e." remain as such without capitalization?

Or perhaps we can have user-defined auto-correction list? (I didn’t manage to find this on Scrivener, if it’s already on here somewhere, please point it out to me. Thanks!)

On first impressions, it seems that you have “Capitalize I” turned on in the text editing pane of the preferences, so when you type " space-i-. " the system is treating that as an i on its own and is capitalising it … turning that preference off will solve that problem, but then you won’t have the automatic capitalisation of I the pronoun, you’ll have to do it yourself.

On the other hand, I presume that when you want suspension points you are typing three full-stops (periods) in a row. If you immediately follow that with a letter, the last one will be recognised as a full-stop and the letter will be capitalised by the system — I presume you’re using 10.6, as you are raising these issues. But when you follow the three full-stops by a space, the system recognises them as being intended as an ellipsis or suspension points and replaces them by the appropriate glyph, (available manually with opt-: ); no longer having a full-stop there means the system will not capitalise the first letter that follows the space.

I don’t know what you do about the latter — being a mere Brit, I can’t imagine ever wanting “…and” with no intervening space — other than using the keycode for the ellipsis when you want to follow it immediately by a word, and yourself applying the shift-key following the space when you want that version.

All of that said, 10.6 provides autocorrection, which means there must therefore be a dictionary for it somewhere, but I know not where. What Keith thinks of rolling his own editable list within Scrivener, I’ll leave to him.