Suggestions: open/close branches and Scrivener links


I’d like to suggest a couple of features for Scapple (very useful software, btw - thanks! I will be purchasing a copy when I get paid next month). Also apologies if these features already exist and I have just failed to see them.

As a thesis-writer, I have a giant mindmap of my thesis which incorporates all the chapters, the intro and the conclusion. This reflects the structure of the text in Scrivener, but has quite a lot more comments and so on, and I often add or remove questions that I think I should be answering in various sections. I would really like to be able to open and close various sections of the mindmap to make it easier to view. It would be nice if I could either have an ‘open/close’ option for different branches, or if I could create a separate .scap file for each major branch and embed it in the master file. Then I could open a branch and make it visible by double-clicking.

I would also like to be able to link a box in Scapple directly to a section in Scrivener, so that if I click on a link, it opens that section in Scrivener.

Hope I’m not asking too much!

Thanks again for the software. It is making the structuring and note-taking so much easier.



We have a feature planned for Scrivener that will make this possible. Basically we’ll make it so each and every binder item in all of your projects has its own unique URL. You can then paste that into anything that can use hyperlinks, from Scapple, to web pages to other Scrivener projects—of course all local to the machine, it’s like a file link in that regard. When clicking on these links, Scrivener will launch the project if necessary, and focus the editor on the item you requested.

That would be a real powerhouse feature Amber, greatly extending the scope. Obvious question (so I’ll ask it): any projected date of implementation?

Thanks a lot for the link. I had a look at it, and tried out linking documents, and it is certainly useful but on the whole I think I would definitely prefer the ability to open and close branches of a map (ie. have a huge map but in the same document). This is partly because my daily work laptop has a fairly small screen and opening lots of .scap docs will quickly clutter up the limited workspace. I would also only be able to sensibly view one or two maps at the same time in the available space. I don’t think I will be able to use the existing functionality for those reasons.

No idea how practical opening/closing branches would be, but it would work better for me.

Also great news about the Scrivener links!