Suggestions requested re Scapple graphic

The six elements graphic on web page (see link below) was created in Scapple. Would appreciate suggestions regarding how to use Scapple’s tools to improve the graphic to better convey the relationships within The Six Elements of a Proposition.

Am trying to get better with Scrapple. Both of my published books were written in Scrivener (and two more are on the way). I owe so much to Kieth regarding Scrivener that I would buy any Literature and Latte software sight unseen.

David Hirsch

The Inspector is going to be the easiest tool to use to discover the various formatting tools at your disposal. They are all located in menus as well for your convenience. The easiest way to learn, I would think, is to check out a few of the note style presets and see what changes in the Inspector. Once you get some styles you like, you can make your own for easy application to other notes.