Suggestions to make Scrivener a bit more predictable


So this is just some of my suggestions based on the last couple of issues I ran into while trying to wrap my head around Scrivener. There are a few areas where Scrivener seems extremely weird because of the way that it deals with settings but the shame of it is, it need not be weird at all.

IMO, these small changes would not alter the character of Scrivener, just make it seem less inscrutable:

  1. All of OPTIONS > EDITOR should be removed as a Scrivener-wide option and into a PER PROJECT OPTION - IMO, it should be embedded in the project and in project PRESETS. The way that new text appears in the editor should be according to the settings that you apply to a whole project - such that if i switch projects and make a new text, that that new text conforms to the look and feel of the current project - not so that it conforms to the look and feel established as a program-wide setting.
    —As it is, if I’m working in PROJECT A and I am making new texts there, i have to set my Scrivener-wide settings to conform to the look I want in PROJECT A. But when I open PROJECT B that has a different look and feel, I have to manually set the Scrivener-wide settings to conform to PROJECT B. A lot of my own confusion about the options stemmed directly from this behavior.
    —Further, I can’t think of m(any) situation(s) where you would WANT the editor settings to be a global, program wide setting rather than a project specific setting.
    —IMO, the only thing that should be embedded in a Scrivener-wide setting are those things where it’s not realistically conceivable that a user would want it to differ on a project to project basis. GENERAL, APPEARANCE, KEYBOARD almost certainly should be Scrivener-wide settings. EDITOR and CORKBOARD, imo, certainly should NOT. most of the others can probably be Scrivener-wide.

  2. Bullets and other lists should set their indentations as a dynamic offset from the LEFT MARGIN of document. It should not simply coincide with the FIRST LINE marker as it is set now - because right now, it works fine if you leave the first line indented as it is in the default but if you set first line to be flush with the left margin or, heaven forbid, a hanging first line, the bullets and lists will no longer be indented at all.

These are of course, just my opinion and for you to regard or dismiss at your discretion. But i do feel they would make Scrivener stronger and more knowable by the average software user as well as leading to less confusion.

Thanks for your consideration.