Summarized [Word|Character] Counts

I really have searched the forums but the post that came closest to solution only mentioned “… found another thread where this has been discussed …” so perhaps this request just stems from my ignorance of the english language and the resulting inability to find the correct search terms.
But here ist my wish (followed by an explanation why I would need it):

I’d really appreciate an option to display an “aggregated count” in the outline view. And have an option to compare the target (if set) with that count.

And here’s why:
I’m writing mostly technical articles or - right now - educational papers. I start with a rough outline, weight the topics and try to match the word count per topic.
Now - while writing - I further break down the topics where it seems applicable (or where I have to clarify my thoughts before putting them in prose). Right now I use an Excel-Sheet to sum up the sub-topics, but I can’t imagine that thats the intended way to use the targets?!?

Oh and by the way:
Great peace of Software! I’ll surely continue to use it even without summarized count :wink:


Hmm, whilst displaying an aggregated count in the footer view would slow things down considerably, I quite like the idea of an aggregated count in the ctrl-click menu. You know how if you select text in the text view and then ctrl-click, you get a greyed-out word and character count at the bottom of the menu? Doing something similar for the outline and corkboard views wouldn’t be too difficult and I like the idea - though I’m not promising anything. :slight_smile:

I would vote for an aggregated word count, too.

I usually have not only a string of chapters (=folders), subdivided in scenes (=documents), but a larger overall structure - for example, acts. Now, it would be very helpful to have a function that tells me how many words I have in every act, to see if they are equally weighted in length. In the moment I can only see how many words are in the folder that keeps the chapters that keep the scenes - usually the value is 0. So I have to make some error-prone book-keeping in a spreadheet.

And talking of statistics… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Enters the stats fan: Great would be a statistic that lists up how many documents in the draft folder have which Label and which Status.

For example, I use the Label (with the color) for POVs. So, to know that “Joe” has the POV in 32 scenes, while “Jane” has the POV only in 6 scenes would give input for serious considerations. (One could count, of course. But should the owner of a computer count himself? :wink: )

Same with Status. I use the Status field for, well, the status of the document. “in progress”, “first draft”, “needs reworking”, “finished”. I imagine the moment you call up statistics and read:

  • in progress: 0
  • first draft: 0
  • needs reworking: 0
  • finished: 76


As I say, I may add aggregate stats to the ctrl-click menu, but other than that the features of the 1.06 beta are fixed for a while - there are no plans to add more statistics features any time soon.
Thanks and all the best,

Sorry for taking so long to reply - my spam-filter ate the notification (that’s no excuse - just an explanation :blush: ).

Keith - your idea sounds really great - I understand that an aggregated view in the footer could chomp away way to many CPU-Cycles. And for my needs your solution would be a very good fit.


I’m finding all sorts of new fun things inside of Scrivener… like, if I select multiple docs in the ‘draft’ folder, and then “Edit Scrivenings,” that the word count total at the footer changes. dynamically (Is that the ‘aggregate count’ you were looking for?).

I’m not sure about it, but it looks like the nifty ‘progress bar’ also adjusts accordingly when multiple docs are stitched together with ‘edit scrivenings’… in any case, for me, it would be helpful to expand the current “Project statistics” dialogue box in the menu by allowing the writer to set a target word count for the project as a whole…and then report (here or in the footer, along with a progress bar) how close I’m getting to finishing my book as a whole as I write. Or does this already exist, and I’m missing it?

In any case, I second the calls above for more visible statistics about any and all text issues – # of paragraphs, words in various document sets, multiple progress bar types, etc.

Love the program… the tutorial and help files cleared up MANY questions I had when I started using this program, and I immediaely bought it once I realized just how neat the ‘studio’ approach to drafting really is!

– maa

I have a similar problem like Michael: in outline view it woul help me tremendously if I could view the aggregated word/character count of a folder or document and its subdocuments, and additionally be able to set a target for such a folder/document and view its progress – again counting all subdocuments together.


In 1.1 (out soon) you can ctrl-click on several items in the outliner to get their aggregated word/character count. There is no way of setting a target against multiple arbitrary documents, though, and nor will there be, I’m afraid.
Thanks and all the best,