Summarizer - the New Cool Thing

Well damn me, dears, but I am SO behind the curve… I just discovered and downloaded Summarizer, which is in the free stuff section on L&L. It’s one of those tiny things which instantly prove invaluable.

There’s plenty of stuff to help you organise what you’re going to write; it’s just that Scrivener’s the best.

But there’s damn-all that helps you sort out what you’ve already written, to extract the underlying structure (and balance) from your fluent prose. Summarizer does just that. Dump the RTF file in it, split it up by scenes and episodes (as opposed to how we write prose, by paragraphs and chapters) and tag each with a line describing what it is/what happens.

Then, bingo!, you have a report detailing the current sequence of events and the word-count for each. Instantly see if something’s missing. Instantly see if something’s gone on too long. Perfect. Another little masterpiece from Keith. If you haven’t tried it, try it.

So,mbywater, with all this downloading, summarizing, wishlisting flurry, does this mean you’ve finished your book, and can now help us all improve our little world? If so, mazeltov. If I summarize what I’ve done so far on my miserable 60’s book, will it tell me how to do it right? Or will it just say oh get on with it? Keith, Keith, are you listening? Can we have an oh get on with it button in the next upgrade, please?

There speaks a woman who has handed in her novel.

The answer is: the flurry is about trying to get the final draft into shape. How am I doing? Ask me how I’m doing. Go on. Ask me.

Don’t ask.

I second the Just Get On With It button.

Dear Michael,
I was just about to askHow are you doing?when I noticed this:

So I wont ask how youre doing, since its your expressed wish that …ah!..I see now! You dont want Miss Jenny to ask. So thats fine.
How are you doing Michael?
Take care

Sometimes at fleeting moments I have great sympathy for editors…

I don’t know why but just a tiny flutter in my heart for that brief second…

Then it fades and I figure out it was indigestion.

No. It was pure evil. Cast it out from your heart.

What I sometimes have is great envy of editors. In fact my old editor has recently stuck out and become an author. Boy is he finding out what it’s like. Quote, this is a lot more tricky than commissioning stuff and shouting at people when it’s late, end quote.