Summarizing Metadata Fields

Is it possible to dynamically link Metadata fields from the Inspector to a Text Page in the Binder? Specifically to a Table in a Text Page.

I had hoped that the Hyperlink functionality could be used, but that only seems to link to external web pages or internal files, not specific fields within my Project.

I’m a Windows user and am trying to create a summary page that is comprised of my Metadatas fields. I’ve been using the Outliner filtered with Searches and then saved as Collections, but the format isn’t great. I’ve also exported my Outliner (which I populated with my Metadata fields) to Excel and then set up a series of Lookup functions… but its a lot of work and would require the extra exporting step.


Links point to sections in the binder, which is a principle that works closely with the overall goal of making it possible to use small chunks of text rather than long files you have to scroll through to get to different topics and such within. Naturally the less you follow that approach and the longer you make the files, the less useful search results, meta-data and hyperlinking will become—so it’s mostly a matter of finding a balance between the two that works best for you.

For example, some people put tables and figures in their own sections so that they can be tagged as such and directly linked to.