Super and subscript missing?

Seems to be a glaring omission in that we have substitutions for quotes, overstrike and the like but not sub and superscripting. Sure would be nice to have that final bit of polish.
The question has been asked twice previously and no replies given.
This is becoming a disturbing trend of L&L of late - speaking as a lifelong Scrivener 3 Windows beta tester ;)
It would be appreciated if support could let us know if this is a planned feature.

What do you mean by ‘substitutions’?

You can already have subscript and superscript in Scrivener if that’s what you need.

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Did you miss that this is Scapple being discussed?
Substitutions is where the keyboard double-quote is replaced with Smart quotes among others.
There is no place within Scapple to do super and subscripts. If I’m wrong please describe where or how.