Super Index Cards

To all who are interested in seeing an index card program for the iPhone/iPod Touch, you may want to check out Super Index Cards (v 1.1) which is now available at the App Store for the reduced price of $4.99.



Looks very cool. Are you the developer?
All the best,

Looks good for £2.99, so I bought it. When you first open it you have to login to the website with a username and password … and the website is blocked by the Great Firewall of China! <Grrrrrrrrr!> Sometimes it’s beyond belief what gets blocked!

If anyone could spend a minute or two and connect to the Super Index Card site, and find out a contact email address, I’d be really grateful, so I could write to the developer and see if there’s any way round this. Unfortunately on iTunes, the support address is also through the web-page and I time out on that due to the GFWoC.

Many thanks if you can. PM me with the result.



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Thanks signinstranger. It’s getting on for midnight here and time to hit the sack, so I’ll pick this up again tomorrow and see if the developer can help.


No, just a chronic scribbler who can’t have too many arrows in his quiver. I have only had a day to play with the program, but it strikes me as very intuitive. That it allows a user to email any number of cards within a project to themselves as an .rtf file is a real bonus. The developer’s website also suggests that a desktop version is coming. Until Scribbler™ comes out (something we are all looking forward to), this may be a very workable, if less sophisticated, substitute.



I bought the app (of course). It works the way I want an index card app to work on my iPhone, and I’m assuming it will be much better when we can use the landscape keyboard. When it comes down to it, though, it’s really that desktop app that I want. I couldn’t help but notice that one of the first reviews lamented the disappearance of ThreeByFive. That was really the Mac at its best.

I’m hopeful that Curio will provide what we want, following your suggestion. Not a cheap solution for a current non-user, but an open goal for Zengobi.



I’m the developer.

Here to answer any and all questions.

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@potts Good catch from the app store. I’d given up on trawling it for decent apps due to amount of time it took.

@Sean You can use the landscape keyboard with it.

It’s an excellent idea for an app. The only issue for me is the fact that you have to backup the files onto their server, and they are emailed to you through their server, so forget about doing anything confidential in it. I’m not a great fan of ‘the cloud’, I’d much rather it emailed them to myself or synced directly with my mac.

It would be great if you could change the font in it but I’m sure these changes are coming… :smiley:

@ Tripper: Nice! Didn’t work instantly for me (little lag before landscape) so I assumed it didn’t work. Thanks for correcting me!

Also, I agree with you about the cloud – I’m always a little skeptical about cloud-only solutions. Writers are a superstitious and cowardly lot.*

[size=85]*When in doubt, quote Batman.[/size]

Hi there,

The reason we went for the cloud sync is that there is a small chance that your work may be corrupted or erased by some other, improperly written, app on your iphone or itouch. To ensure data integrity your work is backed up to your free account. It has really worked out for some folks.

This is a review from one user:

“Saved my work!!” by
I had to restore my iPhone and lost all my applications. I thought I had lost all my writing as well, however after reloading the app all my work was still there. Thanks to the application saving to the server!"

We are working on a self contained app with no backup or sync but that is probably months away.

Interesting. Thank you for your response. I downloaded your app the other day, and am finding it useful.


We have published a new version of the app. It is called “Super Index Cards Local”.

This version keeps all data only on the handset itself and exports via the mail app.

…and it costs less.




Hi, good to see you here. I haven’t bombarded you with mails about the GFwoC problem. It’s still there. With the latest version, I no longer get the “You have to login …” message when I’m trying to do precisely that, but nothing happens in terms of connections. I’ll be returning to the UK for a holiday soon, so should be able to get it going then. But reading what you’ve just said, makes me think I should have waited for this Local version! Oh well, I’ll keep you posted.