Super long em-dashes when repeating Bibliography authors. How to?

When repeating an entry with the same author in bibliographies, many publishers use a very long em-dash. It looks like three em-dashes. I can type this manually, but it’s obvious that’s what I did. There’s space in between them.

Do you know how to create these really long dashes? This example is what I’m doing now. Looks wrong.

Many thanks!

What font are you using? The sample below uses Palatino for three em dashes. It doesn’t show any spaces.

Alternatively, you can go to Edit > Emoji & Symbols (or COMMAND CONTROL SPACE) to call up the Character Viewer and then search for either “em dash” or “horizontal bar” to see if you can find a more suitably sized character.

EDIT: CMOS recommends using three em dashes rather than horizontal bars, so it really should work, unless a font or paragraph setting is causing the spaces to appear.

EDIT 2: I tried some other fonts. Some, such as Times, leave white space, as in your sample image, so the issue is almost certainly down to font choice alone.

Many thanks, JoRo. I’m using MinionPro and I think you’re right. It’s the font that’s adding the spaces.

A pleasure. Good news.