super newbie

so i am a super newbie and not so great with computers. i just started using scrivener and i imported my whole play, but it is all in gentral text. i wanted to import it into the play writing format. do I have to go in an create each scene and act? and if so how do i creat a new scene each time? i tried inserting a page break but that does not seem to work or it does not show up. i am truly lost


  1. What application were you using to write plays with, before?
  2. What format did you use to export the play?
  3. How are you importing the play into Scrivener?

The script settings in Scrivener must precisely match (in terms of where things are placed on the page) whatever format you are using externally. I cannot really give you any further advice, beyond the general advice presented in a section in the user manual, under Scriptwriting, called “Importing a Script from Final Draft and Other Programs”. There is about a page and a half of material there with instructions on what to do.

This is up to you of course, but most people put new scenes into new documents. So while writing, tap Cmd-N, name the scene in the Binder, and then Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-E to return to the editor and keep writing.

Thanks so much i figured it out from your post.