Super wide margins in Lion's full screen mode (2.1)

I’ve not adjusted any settings in Scrivener or Lion, but when in 2.1’s implementation of lion’s full screen mode I get super wide margins.

Well to be more exact the editor text is fixed really narrow. Everything returns to normal if I exit full screen.

It’s annoying when I’m in dual editors, and so much worse than annoying when only in a single editor and the text is limited to 1/5 of the editor pane.

This doesn’t sound right, I know you’ve added new preference options but I’ve yet to go digging, but surely the default behaviour should be that in full screen mode hides the dock and menu bar etc but keeps everything the same?

Bug? Bad preference settings? Dodgy Lion upgrade? Wrong phase of the moon?

Or just new defaults:

Disable that checkbox in the Editor preference tab to remove this option. This is the default because the alternative—lines stretching across the entire screen—is probably less ideal than working on a page-sized area.

Well that option has helped, even if it’s not clear that that option affects fullscreen mode in a different way to “normal”.

I’ve deselected it and now have the normal text width in lion full screen and non full screen (It stays fixed if I select it again BTW)

Agreed I don’t want text stretching all the way across my 1920px monitor, but it was coming out as too narrow, and more importantly… not what my preferences were saying.

My default editor width is set to 0px (and always has been) so I shouldn’t have needed to do this should I?

So I still call “glitch”, as the default may be to tick this box, but as my width was set to 0px I shouldn’t have ever seen a text width of what must have been <600.

I don’t see how it’s not obvious what the options do from the preferences - I disagree there.

I’ll take a look at the issue of 0px not stretching to fit the screen in FS.

Only if the subsequent box for “Full screen only” is checked, as in Ioa’s screenshot. If “Use fixed width” is deselected, then neither of the following options applies.