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here is a site which may be helpful for those who like superhero and graphic novel type stuff…

from the “about us” on the site:
This site offers advice about how to write, edit and sell novels and comic books. I also provide superhero-specific resources, but most of my content applies to fiction-writing in general. If you’re looking for in-depth reviewing, please leave a comment and I can set up a review forum for you.

Some fun articles on that site. Thanks for the link!

I have previously undertaken extensive research on how one could go about developing superpowers. Somewhat generously, I am prepared to share the conclusions of my analysis within this select group:

b Travel to a community of weaklings so that you appear powerful by comparison.[/b]
Classic example:
the big-fish-in-a-small-pond approach

  • may involve difficult travel arrangements, especially to other galaxies
  • no true powers gained… super only by comparison, so less fulfilling
    can be obtained in practice by being a primary school teacher, with powers such as…
  • being taller and stronger
  • basic maths and spelling
  • able to control bladder movements

b Bitten by a radioactive animal, with powers derived from traits of animal used.[/b]
Classic example:
the what-doesn’t-kill-you-makes-you-stronger approach

  • may kill you
  • long term effects untested… may cause cancer
    some animals are more impressive than others…
  • spider… climb walls; sling webs; “spidey-sense”
  • komodo dragon… bad breath; ability to withstand many kinds of bacteria
  • snake… loss of limbs; scares off women

b Use of extensive R&D budget to develop technological superiority[/b]
Classic example:
US foreign policy

  • vulnerable whilst in ‘alter ego’ mode
  • speeding tickets; parking tickets; prosecution under the Dangerous Weapons Act
  • requires secret lair for storage - home insurance premiums may increase

the author I am translating took another approach. Alien-human mutants… (Alien sperm, Human mothers…)

I like it. Instead of traveling by spaceship yourself (as per “1”, above) you can just FedEx some biological materials.

its actually a neat premise, it goes back to what REALLY HAPPENED at Area 51… some alien race gets attacked by another, there is some ‘Superman/ Krypton’ here, and they flee and crash land here and then the Army gets involved and these alien hybrids grow up and eventually that war crazy alien race comes after the World and our only hope is the kids that came out of the project…

the toughest part is that what jives in Portuguese literature doesn’t always jive in English, lots of adverb use, dialogue structure is different at times… it’s like the phrase “lost in translation”…

Dear Scientists,

If you aren’t writing papers that are like this then you are wasting your degrees:

There are some (TheKruser, 2010; FreeRepublic, 2010) who contend that the high standard set by such seminal scholarly works is indeed safe in the hands of a new generation of scientists.

However, this position is conclusively refuted by Mikkelson (2009)[2].





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