Superscript and subscript formatting disappeared after compiling

I’m trying to change the font size and paragraph alignment to ‘Justify’ when I use ‘Compile’ to export my document. I did such modifications in the Compile-Edit Format-Styles. However, the superscript and subscript text in the document are converted to back normal in the output file. I also tried to do formatting in the ‘Section Layouts’ and override text formatting. But no changes are made to the document.
Is there anything wrong in what I did? Are there any alternatives to do this without losing the superscript and subscript formatting?

What format are you trying to compile to?

Hi nontroppo,

I’m trying to compile to PDF or word.

I used font size 12 and the text is aligned to the left when I’m writing. But I would like to change to size 11 and justify the text in the final exported file. When I try to re-format on compiling, the superscripted text are converted back to normal as I described in the question…

Hm, I just tested this for PDF output using the Modern compile format. Note my scrivener editor (upper) has a different font + 14pt and is left aligned with the PDF (lower) justified 12pt:

Can you try using the Modern format with a PDF to see if that works?