Superscript: bug or feature?

Hello Keith,
Hi y’all on this forum,

This is the first post of a new and deeply impressed Scrivener user. Before I come to my quite minimal issue I’d like to say “thank you” to the developper of this very beauty- and useful program and to all the people who are contributing to this very informative forum.

Now here’s my little question: when using the “superscript” option in the editor the baseline of the selected characters is raised, but the characters keep their size, which is leading to an augmented line spacing. If I don’t want that I have to reduce the size of the superscripted characters. For me that’s another step before I can write on - and as far as I can see it’s quite opposed to the behaviour of other word processing apps on the Mac.

Maybe I’m missing something, so I’d love any hints.
I’m on two G4 ppc machines, a desktop and an iBook.



Thank you for your kind comments about Scrivener - I am very glad you are finding it useful.

Unfortunately, you are right about the superscript behaviour but it is out of my hands. Scrivener uses the standard OS X text system (which Apple showcases with TextEdit), so the superscript and subscript behaviour was programmed by Apple. If you try it out in TextEdit (using Fromat > Font > Baseline > Superscript), you will see that it behaves in exactly the same way. Programs such as Word and Nisus, on the other hand, use their own custom-built text engine, which is why they behave differently. If this really bothers you, you might want to file an enhancement request to Apple at, where you can ask them to shrink the font size of the text when superscript is called. You could file the request against TextEdit, which would be the same as asking for it to be added to their text system.

Thanks again and all the best,

Hi Keith,

thanks for your quick and helpful reply!

I never used superscript in TextEdit, that’s why I never noticed this behaviour before.

Let me see if it will bother me enough to file a request to Apple - having found a workaround using a preformatted snippet in PTH Pasteboard. I’m a bit short of time right now but at a better occasion I might post a description of this workaround in the Tips & Tricks section. And yes! - you can count on me registering for 1.0 anyway.

All the best to you,