Superscript numbers

How do you get those little numbers for a glossary ref? In Word there is a button called superscript and one called subscript, but I can’t figure out how to do it in Scrivener.

We have those buttons too. :slight_smile:

[size=80]Change your toolbar buttons with the Edit/Customize Toolbar… menu command.[/size]

I found that, but the added number is way too big. You have to resize it.

That is the same feature, what you are observing is a difference in how that type of formatting is visually displayed in the editable text area. You can make the font smaller of course, and combine that formatting with superscript using Formatting Presets. Do be aware however that this won’t in fact mimic how Word and most other word processor work, or how they will expect superscript to be formatted. As I say, most will not change the physical font size of the character, they just display it as smaller (something we can’t do).

Case in point: have you tried loading an exported copy out of Scrivener in Word? If you bump the baseline up and then export to RTF and view it in Word, you’ll should find it displays the font size the way you are accustomed to (I don’t use Word, so I’m testing with LibreOffice and a few other Mac word processors, and it works as I described). So for the most compatible and accurate way of working with super/subscripts, don’t change the font size in Scrivener, leave it alone and consider that it will all look okay in the end.