I am currently trialing Scrivener and have to say it looks like a marvellous product. I’ll be using it for academic writing and so will be creating a lot of footnotes. This all seems to work beautifully, except that after compiling to MS Word, the supercript font size is very small and I can’t see a way to alter it, short of manually changing each item.

Have I missed a setting somewhere?

I’m pretty sure Scrivener doesn’t have much to say about the actual size of it—either that or word processors tend not to pay much attention to that request, as the three different ones I used to open Scrivener’s compiled RTF file displayed the endnote anchor marks in decidedly different fashions.

Either way, in all three it was a simple matter to adjust the footnote anchor size globally, rather than one by one. There is usually a style for this that can be modified centrally in a word processor. For example in LibreOffice if you view Character Styles, and enable “All Styles” at the bottom, you should find “Endnote Anchor” and “Footnote Anchor” among them. Right-click to modify the document. I don’t know anything about Word though; maybe it uses another mechanism for setting the anchor size, surely it has a global method somehow though.

I use Nisus Writer Pro rather than Word, and yes, the subscripted footnote anchor is too small. Using 11pt text as my default, I have set the anchor in NWP TO 9pt with the baseline raised 2pts, as that is clearly legible and doesn’t interfere with line heights. When I open my RTF compiled from Scrivener, I impose my standard style sheet and then merely have to select all anchors and remove the superscript.

I don’t use Word, but I imagine the same process would be straightforward using that.


Thnk you both for your helpful advice.

My main problem is that Word is setting the inline reference numbers too small, raher than in the endnotes at the bottom of the page, which as you say I can easily alter with a global change.
Any more thoughts would be much appreciated.

Understood that it is the reference marker you’re trying to change. As I say I don’t know how this is done with Word, if it is done with styles or settings in the endnote/footnote panel, but I’d imagine there is more than one tutorial on the Web for that. With style-based word processors there is usually a “Endnote Reference Marker” or similarly named style that controls how the superscript marker in the main body looks.

Thank you Amber.

I have just installed the new release which includes Scriveners own conversion software rather than proprietary and it works perfectly now.