Support for Anchors in eBook

I am trying to compile a draft of a novel. I want to be able to insert links from one place in the ebook to another place (actually to a mini-chapter at the back of the book that provides a detailed expansion of the subject).
However, I cannot see any option to create in-book links in Scrivener. I can see a Hyperlink option, but that is to a place outside of the book.
In reading about the ebook format options, it seems that the option that I am talking about is known as an Anchor, which in HTML terms is a label that forms part of the markup ID for a chapter, The link in the ebook then operates, like a normal Hyperlink in HTML, as a link to “jump” to the place in the ebook that has the name of the Anchor referenced inside the link.
Right now, I cannot see any way to make this work in Scrivener. Footnotes and Endnotes do not provide the same functional capability, and in any case, I cannot see any way to activate Endnotes in my Compile options in Scrivener. The Scrivener manual refers to activating EndNotes, but there is no explanation of how to do this.
Anybody have any comments, thoughts, ideas?

Scrivener does have support for internal links; you’ll find details on them in §8.4, Linking Documents Together, pg. 76 of the user manual. While it’s worth noting that at this point in time they are not capable of creating HTML links during compile, I’ve heard one can get decent results using one of the RTF-based formats, and converting to an eBook using Kindle Previewer, Calibre and so forth.

Another approach is to use MultiMarkdown or Pandoc while writing, and then use one of those conversion engines to generate the ePub file. You don’t really need any special technology to get them working, given that the formatting method is done using simple text codes while you write.

I see the Internal Links feature, which is what I assume is the Scrivener Link option in the manuscript. That clearly does not get translated at compile time for an EPUB or Kindle ebook. If I use an RTF option, does the link still appear in the output so that I can use the file as input to an ebook generator?
What are MultiMarkdown and Pandoc? Other software tools?

Duh. I now know the answer to this question from reading the online User Guide.

Precisely what I was referring to above. A tool that can convert a Word file to an ePub should be able to take those links and do something useful with them.

This workaround creates anchors in ebooks (at least it does when using Scrivener for Mac):

The thread includes a sample project and ebook.

Slàinte mhòr.

As far as i can see, there is no HTML transformation option settings collection on Scrivener for Windows, so that workaround does not appear to be an option for me.