Support for hard link?

Hi there,

in my previous work
i successfully import my papers based on .bib into the research folder, but i find some papers (with many citations)are in several .bib file, this will cause one paper to be imported several times, and i don’t know which one to be edited as the master one

then i try to edit all the duplicate Text term to have the same header like

then i find that i implement the “hard link” like in linux, i can have several text in different folder for good organisation and classification, and they all point to ONE .rtf data file.

the only bug is that if you remove any of the hard link copy(and clean the trash), the data file will be lost for all other hardlink

I wonder if we can add official “hardlink” feature in to the Scrivener, these could make the organisation and classification for text more easier and efficient

Note that direct editing of the contents of a Scrivener project – as discussed in your previous post – is neither supported nor recommended. So it’s unlikely that we’ll put a great deal of effort into features to make such manipulations easier.

Scrivener is not intended to be a general purpose research database. You may find that other tools meet your needs with less effort on your part. In particular, you might find the Replicate/Duplicate features in DevonThink helpful.


I’m trying to use scrivener as a WRITING tool with better organization for references and the NOTES for this references, i have other tools to collect PDFs, they are good at dealing with FILEs but not NOTES and COMMENTS for this files(all i have done is to add links for the papers, the files are still stored and organized by other softwares like Zotero).

i have made some templates to use multimarkdown to write a tex paper, and with my scripts, i can deal with the references much more efficiently. now i think that Scrivener is the BEST tex IDE… with a much more clear syntax(multimarkdown) and great references system to make rich Text comments as the material for paper writing…

Anyway, i have finished another script to correctly delete the hardlink without affect the data file for another hardlinks pointing to the same data file, thank you for your clear data structure.