Support for KF8 Format? … 1000729511

KF8 is an HTML 5-based format. It looks like it’s a variation of the EPUB format. Is there any plan to enable export to this format? It will be out soon.

I’m guessing this will be pretty easy to do. Keith is at BristolCon right now and won’t be back until early next week, but Amazon is upgrading their KindleGen tool, and it is very likely that supporting .kf8 will be as easy as .mobi has been. Best case, a few interface tweaks like a new menu option in the compile format and a version checker (if possible) to alert the user if they need to upgrade KindleGen ought to be good enough. So yeah, like I say Keith will be back soon, but I don’t see any reason why we wouldn’t want to keep abreast of the Kindle’s main format moving forward. :slight_smile:

I’ll be getting a Fire mid-November, so we’ll be able to do testing on that device.

You mean he’s not at my every beck and call? :wink: Thanks for at least considering it.


It’s not a variation of the .epub format but rather the KindleGen 2 tool will be able to convert epub to .kf8. I’m signed up to receive notification of when the new publisher tools are released, so I’ll know more then, but I can’t imagine this being a problem. As Ioa says, it should just be a matter of adding .kf8 as a format option in Compile so long as KindleGen 2 is installed, and passing KindleGen 2 the same files that currently get passed to KindleGen 1.2. But as I say, I won’t know how much work is involved until Amazon release the publisher tools. Either way, I certainly plan on supporting .kf8, yes.

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