Support issues

I love scrivener.
I would like to love it on my laptop as well as my desktop.
My license number is impossible to find.
The new support crew for this application seems to be non-existent.

If anyone in the community can help, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions to solve my problem or perhaps, a way to actually get Literature and Latte to respond.


If you aren’t getting responses from our support team, please check your junk mail folder. Human responses can take a day or two, but our autoresponder should send something in a matter of minutes.

Also, be sure to whitelist

Thanks for your quick response. I did, in fact, receive the automated response, but have gotten nothing from L&'sL human response team.
I have, as you suggested, check spam and junk folders.

I continue to wait.


I checked our queue for this email address. The only unresolved ticket we have from you is dated June 11, concerning your licensing issue. Since it is the weekend, that doesn’t seem like an excessive delay. Is there anything else out there that you’re waiting for a response on?

Regarding the licensing issue, are you using Scrivener for Mac or PC?

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The licensing issue is what I am waiting on, however, the June 11th date is for the second time I sent a request for help as I never got a response for my first request. I think that was made two weeks ago.
Both of my computers I wish to use the program on are Mac OS.

Again, thank you for the follow up.


There was a query back in January, to which a colleague responded but you never replied.

Did you purchase from us directly, or via the Apple App Store?

I must apologize, I don’t remember which place I purchased it.

Also, I have no record of having received a response to the January inquiry. However, if it when to span/junk, those are automatically cleared.

I am curious as to why the licensing number is so difficult to find? I am assuming this was on me and my mistake. That the licensing number was with the original invoice.
This is the first time I have had the need to use the program on my laptop as I usually work solely on the desk Mac.

Again, thank you for your help.


Yes, your license key would be included with the original invoice. However, there appears to be some confusion about what email address you used for the original purchase.

Also, if you purchased via the Apple App Store, you won’t have (or need) a license key, as the App Store software handles licensing for you. If that’s the case, you should be able to reinstall from the Purchases tab in the App Store software.

I’m going to respond to your current ticket via our support system. Please confirm whether you receive it. It’s a bit easier for us to handle licensing questions that way, since they often involve private information.

(Incidentally, the support system has an icloud address for you, as opposed to the gmail address you’re using here. Is that intentional?)

If you find that you did purchase through the App Store, you’ll need to reinstall with a download from the Store. (The download from our site won’t recognize your App Store purchase or vice versa.) If not, let me know and I’ll do a bit more digging in our user database.

For the future, please double-check the email address when you fill out a support query. It’s possible that your browser has the iCloud address memorized and is auto-filling it on your behalf.

(I have your other addresses via your support query, if you want to redact your note for privacy.)

Thanks for all the trouble. Yes, I believe the icloud account was auto filling. I will do the re-download from the Apple store and see if that works. I will update you asap.
As to my emails, I did as you suggested, although those are both public emails linked to my websites.

Again, thank you. Clearly I was mistaken with my frustration about support from Literature and Latte. The problems were of my own making and technical incompetence. Again, my apologies.


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We all get testy at times.

FYI, I’ve responded further via your support query. I’ve added your gmail address to the ticket, which hopefully will make sure you see it.

Yes, I think this has corrected the problem, which clearly was on my end.
Again, thank you for all your effort and help.


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