Support link in 029/site

So I discovered the whole fun thing where Scrivener crashes when I try to open multiple projects. (Yes, I know this is a known issue.)

Because I am a lazy and forgetful bear of little brain, and didn’t have the URL for the windows forum either bookmarked or memorized, I went to the Help menu, and to ‘support’. This took me to which links to the technical support forum… for the MacOS version.

I dutifully looked through topics to make sure it hadn’t been reported, was vastly surprised that it had not, created a topic, and /then/ realized that it was the wrong OS.

I’m not sure if this is something that should be fixed with the site or with the program, because on the one hand it makes sense to go to a generalized support page (which in that case should probably link to the Windows forums as well), but on the other hand it kind of makes sense for the Windows version to link to the Windows forums, so idk. shrug

Thanks, I’ve fixed this section by adding two links instead of one, now. Do note in general though that since the software is in beta, it does not have a prominent position on the site yet. We don’t want to push too many links and descriptions up to the surface until it is ready for sale. This is a good point though.