Support named tags for cross-referring

As I could see, support for inline cross-referencing inside the text is very limited in windows version, when comparing with the mac one. Is that right or am I missing something?

For instance, does win scrivener handle a tag like this <$n:figure:afigure.png>? And create a numbered reference inline such “…see Figure 1…” using <#n:figure:afigure.png> or such?

If not, how can one overcome this limitation with some workaround?

Thank you.

I am sorry for disturbing all of you with such question.

Digging more bravely at the forum, I have found that this is answered in this thread viewtopic.php?f=30&t=17871

“At the moment there isn’t a way of doing that…”

The ability of cross referencing data in figures/tables/equations inside text is a major need when writing a scientific paper or thesis or dissertation. Typically, there may exist dozens of figures/tables/equations inside such documents. It is a real nightmare to update all these numbers when we have to insert a new item in the middle of the list. All the references after the new one become invalidated and the time for seeking each one by hand is not affordable.

I know people producing novels, scripts or other artistic documents without such awkward items like mathematical equations or a lengthy theorem demonstration does not trouble with this limitation. Possibly, that is an outcome of scrivener being tailored for targeting that niche, and a reason for they finding scrivener so marvelous…

I really liked what I saw in scrivener, however I have to stick with Word for the moment, unfortunately.

ps: Hope devteam put this in top priority even before 2.0 release.

Best regards.