Support Not Responding

I’ve recently sent support claims to Scrivener support staff. No one answers, I’ve been using Scrivener for about (2) years now and when I opened my Windows version a few weeks ago it reverted to the trial phase message. I’ve been trying to recover my purchased license. I bought windows and a mac license. Can someone please assist?

You may want to double-check your spam folder. Most of the time when posters complain about lack of response, it turns out the automated response and the human follow up went to spam.

That said, I recently had a support request that was missed, so it does happen. But that was only one out of eight or so, in the last six months.

So check your spam folder. :sunglasses:


Make sure you gave them the correct email address, especially if you changed addresses since buying the program.

That was the first thing I did… Thanks though. And I’ve been checking it since the first time I contacted support.

– MWriter

I received the confirmation, but nothing since. Thanks that was a good recommendation though… Much appreciated.

– MWriter

I checked our support queue. Both your August 10 query and your August 31 query were responded to (by a human, to the address you used here) within less than 24 hours. Please double-check to make sure these responses haven’t been misrouted.

If you still can’t find them, let me know and I’ll resend via forum message.

Yes, I’ll need you to resend them. I’ve checked from day to day in the junk mail folder and using the search function. And the submission I sent today, no one has responded to. After I sorted the mail, I deleted everything just so I could see the response if it was sent. Thanks staff…

– MWriter

If you create an account at L&L’s support portal, you can retrieve the tickets yourself, respond to the support team directly, etc.

Be sure to use the same email address you provided when you submitted the ticket.


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Ok, I’ve set up the account, now I need to file another query?

The email that you should have received would have included a link to your ticket. I sent you a message with it.

And this just proves one of my pet points.

We all assume in this digital life that because an email/file gets sent, it must end up on the intended recipient’s system. Sometimes the electrons just go pfit (or the evil ones go ‘f…k you!’) …. And until someone asks, we assume all is as it should be.

Nothing in life/technology is perfect.