Support txt files in Scratch Pad


I’d like to be able to send notes to my Scratch Pad from my IPhone. I can almost do this at the moment, but not quite.

There are many iOS notes apps which use Dropbox to sync notes. By setting my scratch pad to save to dropbox, I can read my scratch pad notes in iOS (via Notesy). Scrivener even displays the title of any notes I create in Notesy as long as I set their extension to rtf or rtfd.

However, because they are actually text files not rtfd files, Scratch Pad doesn’t display the body text. This is a real shame, because the ability to add to my scratch pad whilst on the move would be awesome.

It doesn’t look too difficult to fix - please Scrivy can you fix it??

We’ve actually fixed this problem already in the latest public beta build. The Scratch Pad will now accept .txt files. It works great in my testing! They will remain as .txt files, so you can leave them available for the mobile editing.

So, is that in the Windows beta as well? He asked wistfully having done a quick test and hoping he did something wrong when the txt file didn’t appear.


Not yet! That change was just made in the Mac version and isn’t even fully tested yet, though it seems to be working fine thus far. Now that the Windows beta itself is set up to provide a multi-file notepad this should be easier to do (up until now, it has just used a single notepad file). We’re at a feature freeze for 1.5 now, but I’ll put it on the list for consideration for 1.6.

Works great on OSX. I think that’s the fastest I’ve ever had a feature request turned into a feature!

Great stuff.

One further suggestion - should there be an option (in Preferences) that makes Scrivener delete a note once it has been sent to the project?

No, this should be left to the user to delete it from the scratch pad. It would be assuming too much to delete the note automatically, since the user might want to use the same note elsewhere, and we can’t add every conceivable option that would save someone a couple of seconds to the Preferences - they are already chock-a-block! :slight_smile:

All the best,

Agree with this. But it isn’t sensible to not add features to the Scratch Pad which users will appreciate because of lack of space in Preferences. I’m not just talking about this feature - there may be many others which you do want to add.

It might be more sensible to move Scratch Pad preferences into Scratch Pad (as a spanner button bottom left). This would lighten the load on the main Preference window and make space for future additions.

I don’t think there are any other preferences I want to add for the scratch pad, though, so this isn’t necessary. :slight_smile: