Suppress automatic backups when nothing changes

Frequently I click on the Scrivener icon and only after multiple projects open do I realize that I should have remembered what that short-cut was to for not opening recent projects. I close out the ones I didn’t want to open, and they dutifully create a new date-stamped backup, even though I have not edited anything in them.

Is it possible to make Scrivener turn on a flag in the project that tells it if there have been any edits to the project since the last backup, and if not… don’t do automatic backups? I would expect that if you explicitly tell Scrivener to do a backup, that it will obey, but I’d rather not have a new automatic backup that is identical to the previous one, and this change would reduce such duplicates, therefore making each backup more useful.

I’ll take a look at it, although it may be tricky because things do get updated internally just by opening a file.

Thanks for considering the idea; I wouldn’t expect that feature to be very sophisticated. Essentially anything that puts that dot in the middle of the red “close” button would also clear the way for the next auto-backup to do it’s thing.