Suppress page breaks in compile to .docx

I’m compiling to .docx for import into Jutoh.

My Compile | Separators page specifies Folder and Text Separator as Empty Line. (So, incidentally, are the other 3 separators.)

But if I open the compiled .docx in Word 2010, I can see that every paragraph that follows a heading that is text in a Scrivener folder has page break before set. This is a problem because Jutoh honours the page break. I don’t want to have to edit them out of the .docx, so I need to understand why Scrivener is putting them there in the first place.

Is is possible that “Page Break Before” (look below the synopsis in the Inspector–general meta data section)?

Thank you, that was it, and I also know how it got there. I had folders containing both header and opening paragraph. The folder had Page Break Before set on. When I split out the opening paragraph into its own file, it inherited the metadata.