Suppress Page Number on Title Page, Copyright Page

  1. How do I suppress page numbering on the title page?
  2. How do I change Arabic numerals (1,2.3) to (i,ii,iii) for front matter only?
  3. How do I start Arabic pagination in the main body text (i.e., text that comes after the front matter)?

You’ll want to review your Page Settings options in the Compiler. Make sure you have “Different header and footer on first pages” checked and set “Main body header and footer starts” to “After front matter.” In the Header and Footer tab under Page Settings, click First Pages and put in the <$p-r> placeholder where you want it. Check to make sure the Arabic numerals placeholder is set under Main Body.

That changes front matter numbering to Roman numerals, but it doesn’t suppress it on the title page.

I don’t think it’s possible to have three different header/footers. That is, you can use Roman numerals for the front matter and Arabic numerals for the body, but I don’t think you can also suppress pagination on the title page in that case. (You sort of can, with the “suppress headers and footers on single pages” setting, but that only works if the title page is the only page to which that setting applies, and the title page will still be – invisibly – numbered.)

The workaround is to compile the title page separately, and use a post-Scrivener editor to attach it to the rest of the manuscript.

According to the choices here, we can have five header/footers. Can we not? Maybe you mean page numbers.

Yes, page numbers. Sorry about the confusion. That’s what I get for typing too fast.