Suppress Text Separator Between Documents

My projects look like this:




Each document allows me to sub-divide into manageable chunks of writing, but I want the compiled project to look like all the text in a folder is a single document. (If I merge them, I can no longer edit them as smaller segments.)

No matter what compiler settings I use for text separators, I get at least one blank line between text documents.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Stuck in the 60s, and now stuck with text separatprs :open_mouth:

If I choose ‘single return’ from the ‘separators’ tab of the compile menu, I get a seamless document—sans blank lines.

Under compile > transformations, have got ‘remove trailing whitespace from documents’ ticked’?

Also, if you turn on the invisibles in Scrivener (Format > Options > Show Invisibles), can you see if you have got carriage returns at the end of each file?

The compile >transformations setting above should remove these for you, but you can also delete them manually so that the final line does not have a carriage return at the end. If it does have a carriage return and you then have a ‘single return’ as your option in the ‘separators’ tab (and you don’t have ‘remove trailing whitespace from documents’ ticked), you will end up with two (or possibly more) carriage returns/a blank line between compiled files.

[attachment=0]compile transformations.png[/attachment]

Thanks for transforming my compiled output!


Sounds as though it worked for you. Unstuck!

Happy to have been able to help.

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