Surface RT version?

I have used the search feature, and couldn’t find a definitive answer to this. I know that I can’t use Scrivener on the Surface RT (ARM) system. I am hoping that Scrivener is working on making it available through the Windows store to use?
Scrivener is my go-to writing program, and I’ve actually used it through Nano to write my first novel I published, and I flat out admit that the only reason I managed to finish was this software. So yeah, it’s the best in my mind.
BUT…I need to know, beg if necessary, to get this made where I can use it on my portable Surface RT so I can write more often and at different locations.
Come on, admin, I know we have tens of thousands of others that want something different or tweaked, but can we get an answer on an ARM usuable version?

I don’t speak for Literature and Latte but the Surface doesn’t have the market share of Apple iPads, which is probably going to have a Scrivener version soon (that and on iPhones). Surface might have better specs (although that is debatable) does anyone remember Zune? Microsoft has history of trying to launch Apple killing hardware and then when it fails to get significant market share drops the product as if it were hot.

It looks like there is a version of the QT framework that supports Windows RT, so it would in theory be possible – but only the folks how write the Windows version know how much work it would be to actually port between QT versions and recompile.

Support could be an issue as well.

The better long-term route to go might be to wait until Windows 10 is released and QT supports Windows universal apps. I realize that the upgrade path from Windows RT to Windows 10 is hazy and uncertain at this point, but from the long-term engineering and support standpoint, having a single codebase that supports multiple UI form factors is probably better than having separate forks.

Again I don’t speak for L&L but he who does said that after the iOS version the next mobile version would be for Android. Given the wait for the iOS version and an Android one is at least a year off any Windows universeal app is probably a long way off too.

Oh well. I can dream, right? I guess I’ll use Word on the RT and just move it back to Scivener when I am at home on my other system.

Oh, definitely, that’s why I said “long-term.” But at that point I would think the Windows version would become a universal app, not have a separate codebase spawn off for mobile only. Part of that would depend on how quickly people upgrade to Windows 10.

Given that there are still individual domestic and large corporate users still running Windows XP (or earlier) it’s very naive of Microsoft to think that their customer base will upgrade to 10 especially after the Start Menu debacle and its continuing rumblings. But I still think that Surface will be long dead before universalism comes to Windows.

The fact that MS is giving Windows 10 away for free to all Windows 7/8/8.1 users will create a lot of upgrades. Combine that with the fact that 10 is supposed to be fixing many of the problems created by 8/8.1, and I don’t see why there won’t be a lot of Windows 10 users soon. Universalism won’t occur for quite a while still, though, because of how ubiquitous XP seems to still be in the corporate/business/retail world.

It already exists. You can today write universal apps for Windows 8.1 with a single codebase (albeit different UI layers) that compile and distribute to Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.1. The biggest differences in Windows 10 will be that they will add (from what I have heard) the Xbox One as a target for universal apps, they will call them Windows apps instead of universal apps, and there will be more and more APIs added so that these apps can do more of the stuff you’d otherwise have to use the Win32 APIs for.

As for the Surface brand going away? Surface Pro 3 is moving well. Expect to see more along those lines as Microsoft has conceded that the Windows RT (and therefore Surface RT) experiment has failed.

For some of the discussion of issues involved with RT and the Windows Metro/Modern tiled interface, do a search of these forums, on the word “metro”.