SurfBits Review

A new review of Scrivener, mostly a list of features, but closes with this…

In summary, this is an excellent application. I found it intuitive and easy enough to get to grips with. If you do any kind of creative writing, or research a lot for your writing it will be worth taking a look at it. For me though it is just a little too organized and ’sterile’ for my day to use. I can see me using it for certain longer term projects, but for most of what I do I need a little less structure and more of the ‘old school’ methods.

So, I’m thinking, maybe a Scraps Mode, longest bit it allows is maybe 8-9 words, each on a variously colored and tattered background and some grunge font. As each Scrap is generated it is randomly tossed into The Pocket which can only be searched randomly, bringing up either one Scrap or a small, lint-covered bit of candy or breath mint with each search.