Surfing websites within Scriv?

I’m loving using Scrivener - it’s already been a great help in the month or so I’ve been using it.

Here’s something I may have missed (apologies if so), but is there a way to navigate websites within Scrivener? At present, if I’ve imported a webpage into the Research folder and click on one of the links, it launches my web browser. I would love it if I never had to leave Scriv!

Thanks for any help with this.


Thanks for the kind words about Scrivener.

I’m afraid you can’t do this, no. At one point, you sort of could, but then I changed it to the current behaviour (to launch links in your default web browser). I did this because I realised that for Scrivener to be able to navigate through websites properly, I would have to start adding more and more browser functions and features, which would detract from focussing on the core writing and organisational features, and then I would have to support them. For instance, it would have to have forward, and back buttons, and address bar, some way of returning to the page you started from. It would also have to start thinking about supporting downloads and other special content. So, ultimately I decided to chuck all that stuff over to the default browser, which would always handle it better anyway.

Hope that makes sense!
Happy New Year,

Sure, KB, thanks for the explanation. And thanks for Scrivener!

Basically Scrivener would have become another RealPlayer :smiley: