surname placer for short story

  1. I’m compiling a short story. Where does the placeholder <$surname> take its information from? ie how can I get my name in there?
  2. Where do I find a sample short story?


1: Go to Project->Meta-Data Settings, select the Project Properties tab and fill them in with whatever you want to show up when you compile.
2: Bookstores? Libraries? Online magazines? I feel as if I’m missing something in your question, as there are short stories pretty much everywhere you can find stories of any other length that you can “sample.”

  1. Thanks. Got it.
  2. I was looking for a sample of a short story in scrivener project format, so I could see the layout for the first page header - I’m not sure what info to put on it. I imagine it’s the name of the story and the author, but some publishing houses get really sticky and don’t even bother to read it if you don’t put things in proper format.
    And do you put any material in the “story” section at all? I’ve been placing everything in the “scene” section.

The tutorial is written in manuscript format so it’s easy to work out that format. I was looking for something similar in the short story format.