Surprised by binder behavior

It may be me. I didn’t use to use the binder much, so my memory may be playing tricks on me.

But. I seem to remember being able to bring in the binder from the edge when in full screen composition mode. Did that go away? Shouldn’t I be able to? Or was there a setting that changed during some update?
I have been looking, but I can’t find anything controlling this. And yes, I’ve searched the manual. No words on the binder in composition mode. Just a dream?

Regardless, what confuses me even more is that if hit cmd+alt+R when in composition mode, hoping to bring out the binder, not only does Scrivener exit composition mode — but it also shows me the binder (back in the normal screen, that is) with ALL files and folders selected.
I’m working in Scrivenings mode, with my entire book on-screen, but still. I would rather find my location in the story than just… well… the entire story… :slight_smile:

What am I doing wrong?

This is how it has always behaved. Composition mode is for just that - composition. If you want structural tools, use the main window or regular full screen mode. If you have the entire book open in Composition mode, then Reveal in Binder will show all of those documents open in scrivenings mode in the binder.

All the best,

If you have the entire draft loaded into Scrivenings and want to figure out where you are, then just drop the mouse down to the bottom of the screen. The control panel will pop up, and from there you’ll see a “Go To” button. In Scrivenings mode, this button only shows the contents of the session, rather than the entire binder. It will also, incidentally, place a checkmark beside the portion of the session your cursor is currently within.