Surreal day

I am 40 today. It feels very odd because I don’t feel 40 and when I consider the way in which I view people who are 40 I don’t fit the model at all.

It seems only a year or two ago I was 21 :slight_smile:


Happy birthday. I’m also going to be 40 this year but have been 24 since I was… well, 24.

…[size=150]Happy Birthday Eddy,[/size]

Ill be 66 this year, but my wife is constantly reminding me how young, cute and loveable I am...I think, well she must be, mustnt she? :confused: Shes always telling me Im childlike, or...childish, something like that, I forget which, exactly. Ill check that out when she comes in.

Have a great day young fellah! :smiley:

Happy birthday, Eddy! My mom has always said that, despite her age, she doesn’t feel a day over 21, and I always pitied her, determined that as I got older I would feel my age, having gained much wisdom over the years. Now, about to turn 37 next month (at least you guys are making me feel young :slight_smile: ), I have to grudgingly concede that I understand what she meant - I’m no more sensible, mature or capable of dealing with daily life than I was when I was 24 - I just know some more random stuff and happen to have my own car with child seats in the back.

Have a great day!

All the best,

Nice one Kev :wink:

Hey, enough of the Kev - at least it doesn’t have a big sticker across the windshield with “Keith and Julia” or whatever. (My brother, the real Kevin, did once go out with a girl called Tracey - if only they had stuck together and had a windshield sticker.)

Happy birthday! :mrgreen:

:open_mouth: :blush: :blush: As in conception and birth?! :blush:

When`s your big day Pumpkin Pip? :smiley:

Happy Birthday, Eddy! Please know it just keeps getting better with age. Life, I mean, not just wine. :slight_smile: I loved my 40s, and am loving my 50s even more. Don’t worry about a number in your head. Just enjoy it as you worry less about what other people think and really start to know a thing or two about who you are and what life is all about. Not that you ever totally know either, just that you know you don’t know and are a lot more comfortable with that!

Congratulations on making it this far!! :smiley:

My 40th birthday? May 8th, 2027.

hears the :bulb: from folk who realize that’s why Pumpkin Pip can be bewildered by the most obvious cultural references


See, Eddy? There are benefits to being your age.

These days I actually “feel” older than I am. Not just physically. I look at my “peers” and seem to be more comfortable with the previous generations. Then things that folks my age find important strike me as … juvenile. Maybe it is the fairly limited sphere of acquaintances, maybe I am just “old fashioned”. Either way I don’t recall it always being like this. Hopefully it is just the winter doldrums.

It does indeed*.

Happy birthday, Eddy!


  • A stage of life I still have to look forward to…

Happy Birthday! Just recently I’ve had the same surreal feeling when I realized that I had left university 10 years ago. These ten years simply made WOOSH. Okay - I got a few children, published a few books, bought a house. It’s not like nothing happened. But when I meet a group of students I have to remind myself that I don’t belong anymore …

I’m 62 and still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up. :confused:


Thanks for the nice words :slight_smile:

I had a very relaxed day, didn’t drink too much … although this is likely to change at the weekend when the ‘festivities proper’ kick off and a load of friends descend upon my humble abode!


I shall quote myself

So since yer still breathing and ya have yer wits about ya remember its never to late to have a happy childhood. Yaaaarrrrghhhh