SVG How to -- Interactive InfoGraphics

I am using Scrivener for developing an interactive text book. I need to be able to have graphics, preferably in SVG that by selecting any of the components of the graph the reader could be be directed to other sections or chapters, or basically provided other none sequential information. For the last couple of days I have been searching all the net to find some ideas of how one could go about doing it in Scrivener and had no luck… So any help is truly appreciated…

Thanks for your help in Advance,


It’s not going to be terribly reliable doing this, but if the structure of the work is locked down (no new chapters, no re-ordering), then you might be able to get away with compiling, examining the ePub NCX or OPF files to get a master list of mappings between your sections and internal HTML files, and then use those numbered files as your targets in the SVG. Like I say, if you shuffle things up at all, or even add an introduction to the front matter, whatever, you’ll have to redo everything most likely. So I don’t know if this is a good solution for you, or it just confirms that you should use the program for writing the work and another one to finish off the technical details of the project.

Some of this could very well be possible in the future. We will be adding a lot compile-time tools, and thinking about the technical nature of your problem, I think they could all be solved and in a manner which keeps the raw SVG code out of your face. But this is longer term future stuff.

A small additional point is that Scrivener has a “bug” currently where it doesn’t export SVG from the Binder as they are not registered a graphics files. The workround is manually collecting your SVG files into the compile folder, but this can add an additional step over using normal compile.