Swapping characters

First the shameless ass-licking: I like Scrivener so much I went out and bought a (refurbished) Air. And now the teenzy-weenzy request: I’m a rubbish typist with hte hbait of tranpsosing lettres. Any chance of a little short-cutted command that would un-transpose at one stroke…?

I know this could be seen as the top of a very slippery slope, but it strikes me as a speical case…

Thanks for the kind words - and for buying a Mac just to use Scrivener!

2.0 will be bringing auto-correction to Scrivener, so you can set it up to replace common mistakes such as “hte” for “the” and so on.

All the best,

This is something you can already do, but it is part of the base OS X system, so I don’t think it is documented anywhere in the Scrivener help files. Place the cursor between the two offending characters, and then press Ctrl-T. That’s Control, not Cmd.

That’s great, thanks! So Keith, you’re off the hook – unless you can slip in a command to enter “b” when I hit “g”… and vice versa.

And I thought I was so hip & with it my keyboard commands (old CPM & DOS-boy that I am) but AmberV showed me the ignorance of my ways. Ctrl-T? Wow! Thanks… :smiley:

But in this area, what chance of a keyboard shortcut to rotate text through UPPER/lower/Title cases? Obviously the commands already exist in Text:Convert, but I’m thinking something like Word’s Shift-F3, which simply rotates through the three options if the cursor is in or immediately after a word…

Check out the freeware at DevonTechnologies.
You want WordService and possibly some of the others.
You access the commands via the Services menu in any program.
Several commands have keyboard shortcuts.