Swapping documents with a lock in place.

This is a very small thing, but should the Layout>Swap Documents feature be active when one or both spits have been locked? The feature does not have the intended effect currently. The unlocked split will swap, but the locked one will not. Alternatively, this could be added as an event which breaks a lock.

Well spotted. Fixed for beta 3.

Locked-in-place is cool, though, huh?

I love it! I’m already getting a lot of use for it in the Tutorial file while testing. I’ve loaded the ReadMe list of changes into a locked split. The conditions in which it does break are something I’ll have to get used to, I think.

They should be fairly intuitive. Navigation should definitely break it, along with the few other cases there are…

“Locked in place” is indeed very cool and extremely helfpul - a small but very very useful improvement.

By and by, is there a keyboard shortcut to toggle a split lock? (That sounds like a really campy wresting move.)

Added to the list.

Lock in place is VERY cool. (How did I miss that?) Nicely done Keith! :slight_smile: