switch between document word count and total word count

One thing that has always bugged me is that I set word targets for my documents in advance but I write in scrivenings mode. I never get see my target progress, only total target progress. I end up overshooting my word counts most of the time as a consequence. If I could switch the word count bar to show only the document I’m currently writing in, that would be awesome. Either that or have it show both document and total word counts could be useful as well. Thoughts?

I’d like to add that while yes I can have dual panes open—one with text, the other in outline—I spend most of my writing on my MBP13 and screen space is already at a premium.

On a side note, as I was exploring a potential work-around, I noticed Growl doesn’t register individual document goals being reached, while in Scrivenings mode—which makes sense if the notifier is attached to the standard target control vs. the combined progress bar.

Does for me.

I think she meant while in scrivenings mode. Also I don’t/won’t use growl.