Switch from characters to words in footer bar

I’m a longtime user of Scrivener but have always been focused on the number of characters of an article (which is standard in Swedish media). Now I’m working for a publisher who specifies the required length of articles in words.

I know that I can set goals in words and that I can click in the footer bar or the search field to find out the length in both characters and words. But searching all over, starting with the project settings, I can’t for my life find a way to switch the display in the footer bar from characters to words. Not a big thing I suppose, but I’m used to seeing the length of the article at a glance while writing, and would like to go on doing this.

Is there some way to fix this? Preferably on a project to project basis. Does anyone know how?


Hi, Mats! This is in Preferences->Editing->Options. In English the checkboxes are the “Live counts show:” set. Sadly, you can’t do this project by project, but you can set both words and characters to show, thus having the info you need in all projects.

Hope this helps!

Thank you very much, Silverdragon!